Tailor-made travel

Your trip, your rules.

A travel catalog trip is not for you? Tired of browsing dozens of sites and impersonal promotional offers?
Discover, feel, experiment and getting out of your comfort zone is what you want? So, make an appointment with our experts and embark on a travel experience that suits you.



Definition of your expectations

We take the time to meet you and discuss your expectations, your desires and your budget, in a friendly way and a warm setting.




Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, ... From dream beaches to the resort in the middle of the rainforest, we share our experience with you and help you select destination offers that meet your expectations.




With us, no routine or sanitized service, we help you in the search for unique and rewarding travel experiences.




Get out of your comfort zone and give life to your desires.
"... Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs." - Amin Maalouf

Ready to go ?

We currently only accept meeting in our office in Belgium, for our foreign customers, please set-up a Skype call with our team.

We meet you according to 2 principles :

Travel design :

You want to be guided in the creation of your trip and benefit from the tariff, guarantee and assistance of an expert.

  • Help planning your trip.
  • Tips according to your desires.
  • Creating a tailor-made trip.
  • Guide and activities on site.
  • Assistance and guarantee during your stay.

Project validation :

You are traveling on your own but wish to submit your travel project to the opinion of an expert.

  • Additional tips on your destination.
  • Good deals on spot.
  • Legal information (visa, local specificities, ...).
  • Offer comparisons.
  • Long stay (1 month and more).